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Collision Sustainability Report


An independent measure of risk for customers, insurers and investors to quantify the collision risk of any given mission. Get certified and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. 

sustainability sat.jpeg

Think Sustainable. Be Responsible.

Certification for spacecraft operators, launch service providers and satellite manufacturers enabling them to share their spacecraft's or mission’s level of sustainability.


Align your mission with international guidelines.


Receive a risk score based on the following: 

  • choice of orbit

  • spacecraft design

  • measures taken to avoid collisions

  • plans to de-orbit spacecraft

  • how well they can be detected from Earth


Reduce insurance premiums.


Receive improved funding conditions from financial backers.

Be responsible. 

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Data Driven.

Reliable, High-Quality Data Acquired on Orbit.

Organisations require our pre-flight risk assessment software to keep their satellites alive and businesses thriving. The ODIN Network generates the most reliable, highest precision data available. This is the first and only tracking solution for invisible, yet lethal orbital debris.

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