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Spotting minuscule space junk that can sink satellites

Investors are funding orbital solutions for tracking space objects.

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Getting SSA off the ground

Investors are funding orbital solutions for tracking space objects.

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Seraphim Announces Space Camp Mission 9

London-based Seraphim, which bills itself as  first and largest space-focused investment fund, has announced the ninth cohort to participate in its Space Camp program.

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Meet the out-of-this-world startups in Seraphim Space Camp’s accelerator

London-based Seraphim Space Camp, a VC-led accelerator for global space tech startups, has revealed the crew members of its latest programme, Mission 9.

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Starry eyed investors: Seraphim Space Camp for startups pushes into the US

Seraphim Space Camp, a UK-based programme which helps space-tech startups get ready to go public, has pushed into the US – as leaps in progress catch the eyes of investors.

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Britain’s plan to pull the space industry out of Elon Musk's orbit

Musk’s SpaceX dominates the industry, but firms may have found a way to clean up



ODIN Space awarded UK Space Agency Grant: New funding to support sustainable future of space

Government announces new funding for space sustainability projects