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Mission Operations Software


The commercial off-the-shelf orbital mapping software providing real-time alerts and independent monitoring of invisible orbital debris, even as small as a grain of sand. Protection and insight on every orbit.


Keeping you safe, like never before.

Our software leverages the highest precision data on invisible debris, driving a new generation of mission operations. Configure your own risk tolerance and allow our recommendations engine to reduce your exposure and prevent collisions before they cost your business.


Monitor small debris in your orbit. At any altitude. At any inclination.


Receive real-time alerts when your orbit deteriorates.


Analyse population, size and speed of debris at yours or surrounding orbits.


Proactively manage your risks with manoeuvre recommendations.


Access live debris data at any time through the platform.

Be proactive.

Demo the ODIN Space on-orbit risk management service.

Data Driven.

Reliable, High-Quality Data Acquired on Orbit.

Organisations require our pre-flight risk assessment software to keep their satellites alive and businesses thriving. The ODIN Network generates the most reliable, highest precision data available. This is the first and only tracking solution for invisible, yet lethal orbital debris.

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