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Mission Planning Software


The highest precision risk-assessment tool ever created for the space industry. Our data-driven mission planning software delivers predictive models that protect key systems and maximise your satellite's lifetime.

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Incredible detail for incredible missions.

Our software couples state-of-the-art orbital debris mapping technology with NASA-grade ballistic models to deliver the most powerful collision risk profile ever created.


Identify high-risk collision zones on your satellite.


Design and position your systems with safety in mind. 


Select the safest orbit for your mission with 20/20 vision across every orbit.


Plan your mission lifecycle based on high-resolution data on real threats.

Be prepared.

Demo the ODIN Space pre-flight risk assessment software.

Data Driven.

Reliable, High-Quality Data Acquired on Orbit.

Organisations require our pre-flight risk assessment software to keep their satellites alive and businesses thriving. The ODIN Network generates the most reliable, highest precision data available. This is the first and only tracking solution for invisible, yet lethal orbital debris.

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