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ODIN Space


Collisions with invisible debris are the single greatest risk to the entire space ecosystem. These ‘space bullets’ constantly bombard satellites, blasting holes in critical infrastructure. ODIN is deploying the first on-orbit technology focused on mapping this lethal debris. Our solution will empower the space industry to eradicate this spiralling threat.

About us

ODIN Space is a space-tech startup founded in 2020 by space sector veterans and techies committed to driving sustainability across low Earth orbit and geosynchronous Earth orbit. ODIN Space is built on a decade of R&D in small-scale orbital debris tracking technology and analysis algorithms.


The team is rapidly expanding its network of on-orbit detectors and risk management services to equip space-faring organisations with high-resolution visibility of the orbital debris environment and provide the necessary tools to drive sustainability. 


Deliver the most accurate and reliable data on invisible, yet lethal orbital debris via our state-of-the-art network of impact detectors deployed on every satellite, on every orbit.


Act now, secure the future.

Focus on the detail.

Be yourself.

Our Team

ODIN Space is led by a team of experts with experience across the space science, engineering and tech industries. The wider team has over 100 years experience, across 30+ space missions with 17 NASA awards.

James Headshot Round.png

Dr James New
Chief Executive Officer

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Dr Mark Price
Space Scientist

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Dan Headshot Round.png

Dan Terrett

Chief Operating Officer

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Vassi Headshot Round.png

Dr Vassi Spathis

Hypervelocity Physicist

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Jeremy Headshot Round.png

Jeremy McCauley

Lead Engineer

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Jeremy Amb Headshot Round.png

Jeremy Ambrose

Business Advisor

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