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30+ Space Missions | 7 NASA Awards

In just 2 years our team has launched the first ODIN sensor into space and released our software product

James Headshot Round.png

James New PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

World leader in orbital debris sensors. Worked on multiple NASA projects including the Space Debris Sensor onboard the ISS. Led collaboration between teams in the US and UK.

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Dan Terrett ACA

COO & Co-Founder

Technology start-up leader and chartered accountant. Built diverse teams across finance and operations at Karhoo, WorldRemit and Grant Thornton.

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John Auburn

Strategy Advisor

Former managing director at Astroscale. 30⁺ years space industry experience.

Mark Price PhD

Space Scientist

30⁺ years research experience in hypervelocity impact physics, orbital debris collisions and instrumentation.

Jeremy McCauley MEng

Mechanical Engineer

27⁺ years mechanical aerospace engineering experience at UC Berkeley, Space Sciences Lab.

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