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ODIN Sensor Concept on 6U Cubesat_edited.jpg

ODIN Sensors

The highest-resolution space debris sensors available

Subscribe to our data or host an ODIN Sensor for real-time risk insights on your exact orbit.


The Next-Generation of Debris Data

Since 2020, we've been developing cutting edge technology to map and analyse sub-centimetre debris. Our network of on-orbit sensors will provide the most precise space debris data ever.

100,000+ satellites forecast to be on orbit  

The number of satellites in orbit is forecast to increase from 7,000 to over 100,000 in the next decade - increasing risk to unprecedented levels.

$230 billion exposed assets by 2030

This rapid increase in space activity will leave $230 billion of space

assets exposed.

 Just 1% of space debris is tracked

Currently only 1% of all debris is tracked. Solutions are needed to protect critical space infrastructure from the remaining 99% of lethal, non-trackable debris.

 A 1mm piece of debris can disable a satellite

Even a 1mm piece of debris carries the energy of a bullet - without protection this can disable a satellite instantly.

"The insight ODIN Space can provide to other operators in space will be invaluable to the continued growth of the NewSpace economy and help save billions of dollars a year"

Rob Desborough, Managing Partner at Seraphim Space


The highest resolution data on space debris ever

Our network of on-orbit impact sensors provides the first data on lethal, sub-centimetre debris in LEO and GEO.

High Precision

We track debris from 1cm down to a 10th of a millimetre across any orbit.

Debris Characterisation

Detailed insights on the size, speed and trajectory of debris.


Stay up to date with real-time monitoring 24/7.


The Orbital Debris Impact Network

Our sensors are designed as secondary payloads that deliver unparalleled insight into the host satellite's collision risk.

Easy Integration

Our sensors are lightweight, low-power and satellite agnostic.

Flexible Deployment

Our deployment strategy is designed to meet your timelines. 

Highly Scalable

We're scaling our network to provide coverage across LEO, MEO and GEO.

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