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ODIN Platform

The most detailed collision risk intelligence available

Protect your assets and investments with accurate and reliable risk insights.

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The future of space safety

Since 2020, we've been building the infrastructure and software necessary to make mission-critical decisions based on the most precise space debris data ever. We relentlessly crunch the numbers to bring the next-generation of risk management to our customers. 

Effortless risk analysis in minutes

Upload your satellite or constellation in less than 5 minutes and we'll crunch the numbers to give you the most comprehensive risk intelligence on the market.

Reduce your collision rate by up to 40%

Identify the safest possible orbit for your satellite or constellation to protect your most valuable assets. Never let your customers down with maximum uptime.

Save $250,000 on
your launch

Optimise your satellite design without ever compromising the safety of your mission. Say goodbye to unnecessary redundancies.

Stay compliant with regulation

Create, customise and download reports in minutes. Whether it's for the FCC, CAA or another regulatory body, we ensure you stay compliant.

"ODIN are pioneering debris solutions in a fundamental area, microscale debris, and their roadmap aligns perfectly with D-Orbit’s space sustainability goals"

Martyn Fogg, Fleet Mission Manager at D-Orbit


Effortless collision risk analysis for an individual satellite or your entire fleet

We combine your mission parameters with high-fidelity space debris data to deliver the most precise risk assessment available.

Key Metrics

Easily view key metrics for your satellite's collision risk.

Safety Scores

Compare the safety of your satellite against other orbits.

Data Visualisation

Interact with our data via customisable plots and tables.


Maximise your mission with our optimisation engine

We provide you with the tools to optimise satellite design, select the safest orbit and boost on-orbit operations.

Satellite Design

Reduce cost without compromising on safety.

Orbital Parameters

Extend your mission by choosing the best available orbit.

On-Orbit Operations

React decisively to an ever changing debris environment.

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